The women behind your experience:

Meet inspiring women while traveling in a small group and having fun. They have prepared high-quality and memorable experiences for you.

Made in Mexico:

Sara Hamui
Empowering indigenous artisans

Sara is a talented high-styling designer and entrepreneur in Mexico City. She has the purpose of supporting women through her contemporary designs. She created Maestras Artesanas brand which incorporates the work of indigenous women from Chiapas, Mexico (tzotziles, tzeltales communities). A mix of arts, crafts, and Haute Couture, she creates one-off-kind pieces. Thanks to her labor, she allows women with low resources and opportunities to have access to employment, training, and education and to preserve their traditions by having a fair income.

Margarita Menéndez
Guiding women thru spiritual healing and inner connection

Maggie is a Master of Yoga, wellness, and Meditación. Her adventurer spirit drove her to India to receive formation directly from Sharath Jois (guru and the max authority of Ashtanga). She is certified in Hatha and Astanga Yoga. Besides, she is a Health Coach in integrated health. After experiencing a personal path of changes and growth, she decided to share her knowledge with other women through mindfulness techniques, yoga classes, retreats, and ancestral rituals. .

Graciela Montaño and her team of Chefs
Representing the Mexican gastronomy around the world

Graciela is an Executive Chef Ejecutiva and entrepreneur. Passionate for Mexican cuisine, she became Ambassador of Mexico for the Berger Europe Cook & Chef Institute. She spends her professional life among TV programs, tasting events, obtaining new diplomas, etc. Her calendar is busy, so she assigned her best Chefs, Pame and Gaby, to share with us their passion for this project, Aura Cocina. We'll be visiting their intimate space created to honor the Mexican cuisine, history, traditions, colors, and ingredients.

Margarita Allende
Empowering women to self-love

Margarita is an expert and professional in feminine psychology. She will guide us through a trip of self-compassion and self-acceptance while implementing techniques based on her therapist experience. Margarita will help us build a support network and invite us to question our limitations. She's an emphatic woman committed to the personal growth of other women. .

bartender carmen uribe

Carmen Uribe
Women in the power of the bars in CDMX

Carmen is a recognized bartender who has worked for one of the World Top 10 Restaurants, El Pujol.She is the manager of Café de Nadie and a mixologist. She's keenly knowledgeable of the trends, but she is also innovative and makes her own creations. She has faced and environment where men make the decisions, nevertheless, her talent has allowed her to highlight her work. She shares with us the love for traveling because she likes to taste and learn from different places where she's lived.

Lizyalouette Ballesteros
Reiki for women´s healing

Lizy is an energetic master who decided to undertake a life of Wellness and Holistic Healing after experiencing a stressful life in the corporate world. She is the owner and founder of Casa Yogaser, her Yoga Studio. She has trained other Yoga Professors since she´s certified as Quantum Therapist, Reiki I, II, and III. Her guidance in our trip will consist of the healing of our uterus through the energy and reiki techniques.

Oliva Romero
Woman, Tour guide and Mexico´s lover   

Oli is the most passionate woman tour guide you could take in the city. Smartly, she´s made a career in the tourism industry despite the gender barriers. Her optimistic and kind spirit is devoted to sharing her love for her country and culture with others. Also, keen about the life of Frida Kahlo, she admires her art and history around it. Due she´s certified and constantly updated on the trends of Mexico City as a destination, she knows every corner of it. Able to answer all your questions about this exciting and immense City. Ask any fun facts to her about Mexico.

Itzel Romero
Creating experiences for the benefit of other women

The first time Itzel decided to travel solo knew she wanted to keep doing it. She came back to her City in Mexico to quit her corporate job. She's lived in different cities in Europe and America to study or to know other cultures. With a Master of Tourism Management, she decided to direct her efforts to inspire other women to discover the world. She's convinced that traveling could contribute to our personal growth and open great opportunities for building new networks, not to mention cultural enrichment. She's committed to helping other women to face the fear of traveling solo and creating safer ways to discover the world.

Prices & Dates:

Date: From 17th to 21st August 2022
5 days & 4 nights
Shared Room*: $ 2,589 US
Private Room: $ 2,689 US - Only one private room left!

Flexible booking: Book with a deposit of 1,000 US non-refundable. In case of changes, you can take this trip on a different date (next group Oct-25th-22). The full payment has to be covered TEN days before traveling.

*Shared Room: Double room in CDMX, Double/Triple room in Hidalgo. You´ll sleep in separate beds. It is allowed to book a shared room if you travel alone.

“Women owning the world”