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We design unique and memorable itineraries that connect you with the inhabitants, history, gastronomy, heritage, and the culture of Mexico in an immersive way. Let our experts create the perfect memory for you.  

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A private Temazcal ritual to purify your body, a taco and Mexican salsas class to experiment the Mexican cuisine, or adventurous camping in a rural community surrounded by the mountains of Tepoztlan.
Imagine beginning a Cenotes expedition hidden in Merida and ending up eating with a Mayan family learning about their culture and customs. You can also plan an alternative beach vacation in a destination that’s less populated but just as beautiful as Tulum. Or maybe you’re just looking to plan the classic resort vacation in Cancun to have fun with your family or friends.
In any case, we can make it for you. It doesn’t matter how unique your preferences are, we’ll design the perfect itinerary for you. All our tours are private and highly personalized so you’ll have privacy either as a couple or a family in every destination.


Cancún, Tulúm
and the Rivera Maya

Bacalar and Holbox,
the hidden treasures in the Rivera

Puebla, Taxco,
Morelos & Queretaro

The impossing & diverse
Mexico City

Chiapas and its indigeneous communities

Oaxaca, gastronomy
and cultural enrinchness

The romatic Merida
and its beautiful cenotes

Guanajuato and the glamurous
San Miguel de Allende

Puerto Vallarta, Sayulita and Guadalajara,
the Tequila´s heart

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How it works

*As a tour operator, we manage and plan all the land services. Flights must be arranged by the customer. We’re happy to help you find a flight that works for you, but the customer is responsible for the purchase.

Other traveler´s opinions...

Katrina Cabanban
Katrina Cabanban“Enjoy Mexico” completely surpassed my expectations and gave my family an experience of a lifetime.
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Rarely do I feel compelled to write reviews, but I was thoroughly impressed by the passion, hospitality, and professionalism exhibited by our tour guide team, Oliva Romero and Luis Loyola. I found Enjoy Mexico on TripAdvisor after searching for a wheelchair accessible tour of Mexico City. I reached out to the company for a private week long tour in mid March, for 3 people, including my aunt who uses a power wheelchair. Itzel Sanchez was very responsive to my request and provided a sample itinerary for a custom tour and quote for 2 wheelchair accessible transportation options, one for a car and one for a larger van. We opted for the larger van option (which could accommodate up to 8 people) and found it very comfortable and spacious...
Cesar B
Cesar B
An Awesome Amazing 4 day Trip
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Oh my goodness!! Our experience was awesome. We got the royal treatment from our Guide from the moment we stepped off the plane to the morning we left. We just so much enjoyed ourselves with their great company and knowledge. It was super safe and joyful!!
Thaís Rosa
Thaís Rosa
Private Tour: Pirámides de Teotihuacán and Basílica de Guadalupe
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We had an amazing guided tour with Francisco Urrutia. We first stopped at La Plaza de de Las Tres Culturas, in México City, then we had a quick stop in a traditional restaurant close to the Pyramids. There we could learn about the importance of Agave for the natives, where we also tried some tequilas and tradicional liqueurs. Then, we drove to the Pyramids, where we could enjoy the vibe, the History of the place and buy some local crafit. After that, we drove back to Mexico City for visiting the Basílica, where we had time to watch a mass. Francisco were very flexible and he made sure we felt free to spend as much time as we want in each place.
Jim F
Jim F
Fantastic tour of Teotihuacán and Zocalo
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Olivia is kind, warm, patient, and very knowledgeable. Our drive to and from Teotihuacán was filled with a history of the establishment of the culture, and its evolutions over the millennia. She brought us to a very comfortable restaurant for lunch and ordered us a delicious meal complete with an explanation of its preparation. The next day she arrived promptly in the morning in a very comfortable Escalade to drive us around for the day. She maximized the time in our schedule as we enjoyed the highlights of Zocalo, beginning with an exquisite breakfast at Cardenal. Her knowledge of the Diego Rivera murals gave us great insight into the meaning, passion, and breadth of scope of the murals. She even helped us find the perfect gifts for our families back home. If you have the chance, do not miss the opportunity to have Olivia show you México.

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