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Yes, we know that feeling when you’re overwhelmed by work and you urgently need an escape with the people who you enjoy spending time with. Maybe during the next long weekend you’ll finally find the ideal moment to escape. But then, you need to plan the trip. Fantastic! Another task to do.

Well, if you landed here, at least you’ve made the first step.

If you’re traveling from the USA or Canada, Mexico is the closest country and an exciting option for either getting tan, tasting good food, trying exotic drinks, or experimenting a different culture.

Mexico has everything you need for a great vacation. Furthermore, if you’re short on time, it’s still possible to have a great time due to Mexico’s weather, diversity, and convenient location. Nevertheless, you might know that Mexico is big and complex, so there is a lot of research required if you want to have a great experience and take the best advantage of your trip.

What are the best places to visit in Mexico? What are the most convenient areas to stay at? Is it going to be safe? Are three or four days in Mexico worthwhile? Is it a good destination for kids? Is it a good place for a couple’s trip? How do you get to San Miguel de Allende from Mexico City? Should you stay in Tulum or Cancún? What are the best cenotes? Oh, and those famous tacos, it would be great to try them out, wouldn’t it?

So many questions… but don’t worry, we have done it for you.


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Here you have some great weekend getaways in Mexico that you might be interested in. Download for the perfect itinerary for a weekend in Mexico, FREE.

Our experiences are hand-crafted by us, a group of locals and professionals in the tourism industry who are passionate about our country. Our main goal is transmitting the essence of Mexico in a safe, authentic, positive, and responsible way.

We’re obsessed with the details of your experience. We work hard to offer you an experience that makes you feel immersed in our culture and folklore.

san miguel de allende

Authentic tacos tour in Mexico City + Wine tasting and a romantic vibe in San Miguel.

A memorable weekend for a family or a couple looking to escape from one’s routine. In this tour you will try tasty new flavors, explore a romantic town, and learn more about the history, folklore, and culture of Mexico. You will not only get immersed in the impressive Mexico City, its busy streets, and diversity of food, but also feel the calmness of San Miguel de Allende, walk through its cobbled streets, and finally take a deserved rest.

Contacting the Mayan Culture in Tulum + Cenote’s adventure, and a World Wonder.

Add some adventure to the routine. In this tour you will see some iconic spots of the Mexican Caribbean but always with an authentic approach to the pre-Hispanic culture that stills prevail at this region. Beyond spending the day in a resort getting tant, you will try tasty new flavors based on the Mayan gastronomy, swim among the impressive Cenotes, explore a quiet Yucatecan town and finally be amazed by a World Wonder, the Chinchen Itza´s archeology and history.

The story behind the Mole + The mezcal production workshop and beautiful views in Oaxaca

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Our weekend getaways include:

  • All the tours and experiences mentioned and managed privately.
  • Pick up from the airport to your hotel.
  • Drop off to the airport at the end of the tour.
  • High quality private transportation in van or sedan, assigned according to availability. 
  • Entrances to archeological sites, museums, and other places of interest.
  • The best local places to eat we´ve pre-selected for you, from markets and street food to top restaurants (modifiable according to your wishes). *
  • Private certified tour guide who can speak your language during all the tours. 
  • We help with the accommodation booking according to your budget and needs.  
  • Planning and advising from your travel agent all the time.

*Does not include costs of consumables.

Since these are private tours, we are flexible to making adaptations according to your wishes. Nevertheless, the price might change depending on your requests.


Our why

We win when we make you connect to the destinations you visit, when we create a positive impact on those communities and destinations, and when you feel like you’re in a unique place despite the effect that globalization has on the tourism industry.


We know we aren’t a cheap group-tours option given. We only manage private tours. Our prices affect the creative and authentic design of our experiences, the quality of our tours, the safe transportation, the knowledge and passion of our guides, the professional planning, the first-hand selected partners involved with your trip, and the responsibility we have of taking care of you and the communities you visit.

How to book

Are these long-weekend getaways for you?

If you’re looking for a cheap option that will give you a general overview of the popular destinations in a bus with 30 other people, we may not be your best choice.

Looking beyond the pictures from social media (you´ll have lots of them) and the touristic spots: if you want to enrich yourself culturally, are open to trying new tastes, or look forward to connecting with new people and other lifestyles, then book now.

Our experiences are designed especially for family trips, friend groups, and couples since they are private tours. We carefully select the accommodations and create customized experiences while taking care of your privacy.

If you’re travelling solo, you’re still welcome! Nevertheless, the cost of a private tour is much more convenient when shared with 2-6 or more people.

Do you need more than 3-4 days?

As experts in Mexican destinations, we can also help you to design a personalized trip according to your expectations, budget, interests, and time. Click here to know more about our tailor-made trips.


Flights: Flights are not included and are entirely the client´s responsibility to book them according to the dates and times confirmed. Make sure your flight matches with the dates and times of the tour that you’ve booked.

Accommodations: We book and manage the accommodations for you as a complementary service, then you pay the cost directly to the hotel on your arrival. We are not responsible for the services of the hotel. Our suggested hotels are based on a cost-benefit and location analysis we’ve done to make it easier for you, but you can also book your own accommodations if preferred.  Please notify if you wish to do so.

Excludes:  Our tours do not include lunches, dinners and drinks not mentioned as included in the itinerary. The cost of the accommodation is not included, only the booking support.

Cancelation terms

  • If you have any changes in your plans, please notify us as soon as possible. For refunds, you must cancel at least 7 days before the date of the tour. The earlier you notify us, the better.
  • After this period, cancellations are not refundable, but we can give you credit to choose another tour/date according to our availability (valid for the current year of purchase).
  • No-shows are not refundable.
  • For cancellations, please send an email as soon as possible to contacto@enjoymexico.mx and wait for the confirmation and refund.

Price changes: If any modification to the published proposal is required, the prices shown are susceptible to changes.

The prices are also sensitive to the dollar/Mexican Peso exchange rate and the hotel´s changes in rates. Please note that it can vary according to the season of your trip. Our prices are constantly updated, but in the rare situation that something changes, we’ll let you know in advance so you can either approve it or ask for a refund.


Refunds are possible according to the terms expressed here, but we can´t refund any transaction commission (PayPal, bank transfer, EzTix or others), which normally represents a 3%-6% of the price you originally paid.

The process might take 3-10 business days, depending on the bank/institution involved.

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