Why we do what we do?

Is about our places and people.

Did you know that for each 100 USD that you spend on your trip, only 5 USD remains in the community/destination visited? (UNWTO 2017). Nevertheless, we are environmentally impacting the destination and receiving pleasure from its resources. When you choose Enjoy Mexico, you are contributing to these actions:

  • We pay fair earnings the people who comes into play for you to enjoy experiences.
  • We chose (as much as possible) local partners, family businesses, artisans, so the income remains in the community.
  • We promote alternative worthy to see destinations besides the most popular. By this, we help to distribute the impact and let you discover original spots.
  • We partner with more women in the industry to support the gender, for sure, taking care of our gentleman colleagues.
  • We provide guides and tips for being a responsible traveler.
  • We use and promote responsible consumption and use of organic products when the activity allows us to do so.

We win when we make you connect to the destinations we visit; when we create a positive impact on the communities and destinations derivated from your visit; when you feel like you are in a unique place despite the globalization effect in the tourism industry.

We win when you choose us over all the low-cost tours to have only a superficial sightseen of the most popular places.

About us:

At Enjoy Mexico, we transmit the essence of Mexico and its culture to those curious travelers. We do it authentically, safely, responsibly, and positively. Make it as independent as you want.

We are a group of locals and professionals passionate about our country and culture. We design unique and memorable experiences that connect you with the essence of the inhabitants, history, gastronomy, heritage, and the culture of Mexico. We are eager to share more from Mexico with you.

What we offer:

  • We set an orientation call to know you better, so we´re able to offer you a bespoke experience.
  • As independent as you want: Purchase a one-day experience or let us make a whole plan for you. Then, trip by yourself or let us book and operate it for you.
  • We don´t bring you only to sightseen popular spots but, we creatively plan the route and activities to connect you to the essence and culture of Mexico.
  • We do not resell other´s services. We have partners, and we craft most of the tours together.
  • We first-hand select the partners involved in your experiences (starting from our tour guides*) to assure we all deliver a warm and safe service.
  • We aspire to be recognized as a sustainable company; we act under the philosophy of responsible production.

*All the selected guides are certified by the Mexican Official Regulations NOM-08-TUR-2002 y NOM-09-TUR- 2002 of the Secretaría de Turismo, a governmental entity who regulates the tourism industry in Mexico. REGISTRO SECTUR NO. 31090150109.

Met some of our guides:


Professional Tour Guide: English and Spanish

Born in Guerrero and raised in Mexico City. Oliva loves Mexican culture, dances, and folklore. She has worked for prestigious hotel chains in Mexico City, for instance, St. Regis, Marriot, Four Seasons, W Hotels, Las Alcobas, and others. She has been in the Luxury Tourism Industry in Mexico since 1995.

Energetic and lovely, as her travelers describe her. She enjoys guiding people from all over the world. You can trust her when she advises for the best restaurants and entertainment activities. Oliva is also co-founder of Enjoy Mexico and will do her best to make you have the best experience here.


Professional Tour Guide: English and Spanish

Hilario was born in San Juan Teotihuacan, and he has guided travelers from all over the world for decades. 
He is passionate about the archeology and history of Teotihuacan and enjoys explaining everything about this antique culture to others


Professional Tour Guide: German, English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish

Born and raised in Mexico City, our polyglot guide is always eager to know new people and learn more about their cultures. He had worked for Four Seasons Hotel and recognized Travel Agencies for more than ten years. His ability and personality make the travelers love him.
The Anthropology Museum is his favorite place in the City.


Professional Tour Guide: Russian, English, and Spanish

Born in Russia, Inna visited Mexico and fell in love with its beaches and people. She decided to settle down here. 
Inna has worked for prestigious hotel chains in Mexico City, like Sheraton, Marriot, and W Hotels. Moreover, she has attended some small groups around the Mexican Republic since 2002.


Professional Tour Guide: Spanish

Roberto knows almost every corner of Mexico City and the surrounding states. He has been into this for thirteen years. Some brands he has worked for are St. Regis, Sheraton, and recognized Travel Agencies. 
He loves everything about Mexico, especially Mariachi music, due to all the instruments involved.


Professional Tour Guide: English & Spanish

Juan Carlos was born in México City. He is working for Marriot Hotel, as well as for Enjoy Mexico. He loves food, so you can trust him if you want to try the best tacos. 


Our fleet of cars and vans has been selected to give you comfortable experiences. Whether you prefer to travel in small groups or in private, we count on sedans and vans. From standard to luxurious options, here are some of our brands: Mercedes C200, Mercedes E500 or Chrysler 300, Suburban, Escalade Cadillac, Nissan Altima, and Mercedes Sprinter for small groups. The car is assigned subject to availability.