Live the essence of Mexico in your way

Making better decisions for an amazing trip to Mexico

So, visiting Mexico but there’s a lot of things to decide. What to do? Where to go? Museums or nightlife? Street food or the best Mexican restaurants? Which are the best tacos? Public transportation, Uber, or tours? What are the most convenient areas to stay? Cash or card? What about the exchange? What´s an ideal budget? How is the weather going to be? Is it safe? Taking a tour or doing it by ourselves?

There´s a lot of content online to read, but you better get more personalized advice. Talk to a local expert to help you make better decisions.

How would you like to travel?

Independent Traveler


We´ll orientate you to prepare a fun independent trip on your own. Naturally, we´ll recommend our tours, but we will also tell you what fits better for your personality.

I need a plan


If you enjoy traveling independently but, you have no time to research, this is for you. We deliver a bespoke itinerary adapted to your rhythm and likes. Then you do the rest.

Fee is USD 29 per day planned.

Just come & enjoy


Let us know your expectations and personality thru a call. We deliver a bespoke itinerary and organize all the arrangements. Then, you just enjoy the trip.

Fee is USD 39 per day planned and booked.

Live the essence of México in your way.

At Enjoy Mexico, we transmit the essence of Mexico and its culture to those curious travelers. We do it authentically, safely and responsibly.

Make it as independent as you want.

How do we make it? See more

How do we make it?

  • We set an orientation call to know you better, so we´re able to offer you a bespoke experience.
  • As independent as you want: Purchase a one-day experience or let us make a whole plan for you. Then, trip by yourself or let us book and operate it for you.
  • We don´t bring you only to sightseen popular spots but, we creatively plan the route and activities to connect you to the essence and culture of Mexico.
  • We do not resell other´s services. We have partners, and we craft most of the tours together.
  • We first-hand select the partners involved in your experiences (starting from our tour guides) to assure we all deliver a warm and safe service.

We make an effort to operate with sustainable practices. We are on our journey to learn the know-how

Make it as independent as you want.