Live the pure essence of Mexico
in your own way

Authentic Tours in Mexico

At Enjoy Mexico, we transmit the essence of Mexico and its culture to those curious travelers. We do it authentically, safely, and responsibly.

We design unique and memorable experiences that connect you with the essence of the inhabitants, history, gastronomy, heritage, and the culture of Mexico. Whether if you are visiting for a weekend getaway or a whole trip for some weeks, we have an authentic experience for you. 

We love our country and are eager to share our passion with you.

One-day Tours

A local experience in Mexico City
in one day

Our purpose is for you to live and first-hand experience the culture and folklore of Mexico City. An approach to our Mexican communities, traditions, and local lifestyle.

Weekend Getaways

1-3 days adventures
along Mexico

The holiday you need to recharge your energy. We follow our philosophy of getting you to approach the authenticity of our culture and folklore in every escape.

Your bespoke trip

A unique and highly personalized way to explore Mexico

We design and deliver a personalized itinerary adapted to your interests, dates, budget and, every detail that is important for you. Then, you just enjoy .

Fee is USD 35 per day planned*.

We transmit the essence of México and its culture to those curious travelers.

What to do in Mexico
We do it authentically, safely and responsibly.
  • We set an orientation call (free) to know you better, so we´re able to offer you a bespoke experience.
  • As independent as you want: Purchase a one-day experience or let us make a whole plan for you. 
  • We don´t bring you only to sightseen popular spots but, we creatively plan the route and activities to connect you to the essence and culture of Mexico.
  • We do not resell other´s services. We have partners, and we craft most of the tours together.
  • We first-hand select the partners involved in your experiences (starting from our tour guides) to assure we all deliver a warm and safe service.
  • We make an effort to operate with sustainable practices. We are on our journey to learn the know-how.  
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Where to eat?  Which are the best tacos in Mexico City?

Mexico is a very diverse destination which offers an activity for all kind of personalities. There´s a lot of general content to read online, but we know that not all the experiences are for everybody. You can always talk to a local expert to help you chose a tour or even better, to personalize your next adventure.

Authentic tours and getaways in Mexico